Handcrafted, natural dyed everyday essential

Immerse everyday into this beautiful, harmonious color palette from nature with a modern geometric twist. This pouch bag collection has two bag sizes, equipped with interior pocket and metal zipper.


.made for CRAFTY. sewing pouch kit

Unleash your creativity in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. Warm natural color palette from plants, together with quilt-inspired patchwork pattern and hand-stitch binding, this pouch keeps crafty tools organized in each creative adventure ahead.

  • Ceramic Artist Amy James X the attic stitch

    Wheel thrown stoneware and natural dyed textile mat capture the fleeting moments and impressionism in wild nature. Ceramic artist Amy's stoneware and Natural Dyer Sue's textile work weave new ideas and put new elements in their own pieces, where color, texture and form from two different media harmoniously echo with each other.  

    Textile Meets Ceramic: Color, Texture & Form rooted in Nature 
  • Illustrator Belle Hornblower x the attic stitch

    Landscape and cityscape illustrations pairing with botanical watercolors. Illustrator Belle Hornblower's signature landscape and cityscape in Greater Boston and Natural Dyer Sue Law's handcrafted natural pigment watercolors from the Mother Nature, create a unique style of landscape illustration.

    Weaving living landscape with botanical colors