Summer Workshop

Join me this summer at my home studio to learn how to make floral print on fabric with fresh and dried flowers grown in my dye flower garden. Enjoy a creative morning with a small group of crafters to immerse in a garden full of blooming flowers! 

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Color-block Amuza bag

Inspired by Japanese Azuma bag and natural color palettes, this versatile yet functional bag is perfect for your minimal living. Geometric color blocks and hand stitching details create a modern twist in this beautiful reversible tote bag. Bring this fun tote bag to Sunday brunch and farmer market or use it as a knitting bag in cozy quiet time.

Natural cotton fabrics are hand-dyed from plants materials. Hand dyeing and hand stitching in my home studio in an environmental safe and sustainable approach, every steps is a reconnection to nature and inner self through humble hand work. 

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