Handmade in my home studio The Attic Stitch

Sue Law: Natural Dyer + Textile Artist  

Sue creates handmade textile products from natural-dyed fabrics hand-dyed in her home studio in North Shore Massachusetts. Sue has been painting and drawing, sewing and stitching since a very young age. Trained to be a scientist with a plant biology background, Sue is always curious about nature and passionate about art. Throughout her creative journey, Sue falls in love with botanical/natural dye which opens a new door for her to combine her scientific curiosity, artistic mind and crafty hands all at once. 

Summertime is when Sue grows dye flowers in her backyard garden, harvests flowers and forages nuts and acorns in the woods. Through hand-dyeing fabrics and extracting pigments from plant materials, Sue reconnects to nature with her inner self where she finds anchor, harmony and content. In 2020, Sue opened The Attic Stitch to bring her beautiful natural dyed textile creations to everyday life.