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Amy James x the attic stitch

Ceramic Mug & Natural dyed Mat -Sand Dune

Ceramic Mug & Natural dyed Mat -Sand Dune

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  • Wheel thrown stoneware
  • Hand glazed with Rhodes White and Ohata with black oxide
  • Stoneware pieces are fired in a reduction klin atmosphere
  • Natural dyed cotton fabrics with myrobalan + iron (grey), logwood (purple), cutch (light brown) and cutch + calx (dark brown)
  • Natural dyed embroidery floss with indigo (blue),  cutch (light brown) and cutch + calx (dark brown)


Mug --  Wheel thrown and handbuilt Stoneware, fired in a reduction kiln atmosphere

Mat -- Hand dyed, Natural dyed cotton fabrics, cotton embroidery thread.

Shipping & Returns

- All sales are final, no exchange, no return or no refund.

- The attic stitch is not responsible to any lost or damage caused in transit.


Mug -- 12oz / 2.5" x 5"

Mat -- 4" x 5"

Care Instructions

Mug -- Hand wash with mild detergent only. Do Not wash in dishwasher.

Mat -- Hand wash with mild detergent. Hang dry. Store in shade.

*Caution: Handmade item contain small parts, please keep away from children and pets.

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Textile Meets Ceramic – Color, Texture & Form rooted in nature 

An enjoyable and inspiring experience for Ceramic Artist Amy James and Natural Dyer & Textile Artist Sue Law, to weave new ideas and put new elements in their own pieces.They share a common passion in handcrafting, natural materials and minimalism. 

From clay to mug, Amy creates stoneware vessels by hand in her home studio. Glazes are thoughtfully chosen to bring warmth and character to each piece as it is fired locally in a reduction kiln. 

From flower to color & print on fabric, Sue hand-dyes and hand-prints fabrics using plant materials from her own home-grown flowers from marigold, cosmos flowers, yarrow and more. Pairing with free hand-stitching with natural-dyed embroidery floss creates textures and flows.

Amy’s ceramic and Sue’s textile works echo each other, bringing in harmony and beauty.


  • Sue Law: Natural Dyer + Textile Artist

    Sue creates handmade textile products from natural-dyed fabrics hand-dyed in her home studio in North Shore Massachusetts. Summertime is when Sue grows dye flowers in her backyard garden, harvests flowers and forages nuts and acorns in the woods. Through hand-dyeing fabrics and extracting pigments from plant materials, Sue reconnects to nature with her inner self where she finds anchor, harmony and content.

  • Amy James: Ceramic Artist

    Amy uses the knowledge of ergonomics and function gained from her previous experience of designing flatware for the tabletop industry to inform her current stoneware work, all the while elevating the warmth and character that can only be found in an object made with intention by hand. Using a mix of wheel thrown and handbuilt techniques, Amy creates functional pottery that is inspired by clean, mid century industrial shapes and contrasted by glaze palettes that mimic nature. Connect with Amy via