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the attic stitch

Holiday ornament 2023 - Cheer

Holiday ornament 2023 - Cheer

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  • Hand-sewn ornament / wall decor with sashiko-inspired stitches on naturally dyed wool fabrics.
  • All embroidery floss and fabrics are hand dyed with natural plant materials, such as madder, osage orange, onion skin, marigold, indigo etc.
  • Each ornament is an unique piece of art with different color palettes and all are handcrafted with love and details.
  • Handmade decor contains small items, please keep it away from children and pets.



- Natural dyed wool and cotton fabrics, cotton embroidery thread.

- Bamboo embroidery hoop, faux leather string.

-Felt fabrics and card stock (for stuffing)

Shipping & Returns

- All sale is final, no exchange, no return or no refund.

- The attic stitch is not responsible to any lost or damge cuased in transit.


Size approx. 3" diameter circle (8cm diameter circle)

Care Instructions

- Spot clean with damp cloth.

- Stay away from direct sunlight.

*Caution: Handmade item contain small parts, please keep away from children and pets.

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A gift hand crafted from nature

Madder root, cochineal, lac, brazillian wood, logwood chip, myrobalan, cutch, marigold petal, onion skin are some of the natural materials which I used to dye the fabrics, yarn and threads and create a warm color palette for this holiday decor collection. Pairing with the sasiko-inspired stitch pattern and soft touch of wool fabric, I hope this collection will give you a heartfelt of joy from our mother nature.